Watch Recorded Webinar - Using A Canadian LLP As A Replacement For A US LLC

Limited liability partnerships, or LLPs, in British Columbia have many advantages, and in particular can appeal to clients who are looking for a suitable replacement for a US LLC following the introduction of the onerous FBAR rules and filing obligations for US LLCs.  

Whilst the registration of LLPs in other Canadian provinces has been restricted to professional practices, there are no similar limitations on the use of LLPs registered in the province of British Columbia. 

This webinar details key characteristics of LLPs in British Columbia including:

  • Separate legal status;
  • Limited liability protection for its partners;
  • Tax Transparency;
  • Accounts; and
  • How the LLP can be a suitable replacement for a US LLC. 

To learn more about LLPs in British Columbia, and how they can act as a good US LLC replacement, please complete the below form to watch the recorded webinar.

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