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Date Held: Thursday, 25 September 2014

Presenter: Elaine Brewer

Elaine Brewer

Elaine Brewer joined Pearse Trust in May 2008 and manages the Company Secretarial department in our Dublin office.

Who Should Watch?
The webinar is designed for Fiduciaries, Tax Specialists, Lawyers, Accountants, Private Bankers, and all Professional Advisors who are interested in international tax planning opportunities.

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and speaker for audio.

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The holding of board meetings and evidencing the proceedings have many important benefits.

The webinar covers the following key aspects of holding board meetings and evidencing the proceedings, including:

  • Assisting Directors discharge their responsibility to control the company's current activities, its future strategy and policy;
  • Providing Individual directors the opportunity to report on their particular areas of responsibility;
  • Monitoring the exercise of any delegated authority;
  • Ensuring that there is a balance of power on the Board where decision making is a collective process; and
  • Demonstrating where the management and control of the company is located.

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