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Date Held: Thursday, 18 December 2014

Duration: 15 minutes

Presenter: Gerard Rafferty

Gerard Rafferty

Gerard Raffery is a Director of Pearse Trust International Limited having joined Pearse Trust in 2002.

Who Should Watch?
The webinar is designed for Fiduciaries, Tax Specialists, Lawyers, Accountants, Private Bankers, and all Professional Advisors who are interested in international tax planning opportunities.

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and speaker for audio.

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Ras Al Khaimah (‘RAK’) is the fourth largest of the seven emirates forming the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’) and is becoming an increasingly popular international offshore centre. 

RAK International Companies may engage in any lawful activity with the exceptions of insurance, banking, investment and related business.

This webinar details the features and benefits of the RAK International Company, which include:

  • Absence of local taxes and duties;
  • Ability to choose and apply the laws of another jurisdiction for inheritance, disputes or other matters;
  • Limited liability protection for shareholders; and
  • Confidentiality (with regards to officers/shareholders details).

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