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Date: Thursday, 29 May 2014

Duration: 15 minutes

Presenter: Anna Purcell

Anna Purcell

Anna Purcell is a Supervisor based in our Dublin office.

Who Should Watch?
The webinar is designed for Fiduciaries, Tax Specialists, Lawyers, Accountants, Private Bankers, and all Professional Advisors who are interested in international tax planning opportunities.

Technical Requirements:
Speakers for playback.

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Anti Money Laundering obligations in Europe are increasingly onerous. They have been expanded upon over the last number of years in an effort to combat the process of “washing” or “cleansing” the proceeds of criminal conduct to disguise the illegal origin, through apparently legitimate transactions and processes.

Anti Money Laundering legislation in Europe imposes obligations on service providers to identify their clients, maintain accurate records, develop and maintain internal policies and procedures to detect and prevent money laundering and report suspicious transactions.

This webinar will cover the following aspects of general European Anti Money Laundering obligations in Europe:

  • Overview of the legislation so far;
  • The role of the Financial Action Task Force ("FATF");
  • Anti Money Laundering obligations in relation to Trusts and Estates;
  • The proposed 4th EU Anti Money Laundering Directive; and
  • Endorsement of European Parliament for the creation of public registers of the owners of companies, trusts and other legal structures.

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